Extension Specs

1. FILE SIZE: Max file size is 150kb


  • The most popular ad sizes requested (based on inventory) are: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 254x133 and 320x50. 
  • Other ad sizes available include: 88x31, 120x60, 120x90, 120x160, 120x240, 120x600, 125x125, 160x90, 160x600, 180x90, 180x150, 200x90, 200x200, 234x60, 240x400, 250x250, 300x50, 300x100, 300x250, 300x600, 300x850, 320x50, 320x480, 336x280, 450x50, 468x15, 468x60, 468x728, 480x320, 600x315, 640x100, 700x500, 728x15, 728x90, 768x1024, 970x90, 1024x768
  • Companion Ad Sizes: 300x250, 300x100, 468x60, 728x90, 300x60


  • Recommend a maximum of 18 frames per second
  • Recommend a maximum animation length of 30 seconds with no more than two loops
  • These ads can be run in “in-banner”, pre-roll, and standard video

4. CLICKTAGS: Clicktags should be set up in the following format: clickTag

  • For further clarification, please visit http://www.html5clicktag.org
  • Ads serving within an Iframe should open in a new window when clicked
  • Example: ClickTag Actionscript Code: on (release) {getURL (clickTAG, "_blank");
  • Tip: Please only implement one clicktag in each HTML5 file, as our platform does not support multiple click tags within one HTML5 file.


  • 600x315, 1200x628 recommended for scaling
  • Headline: 25 characters (including spaces)
  • Body Text: 90 characters (including spaces)
  • Destination URL
  • ***3rd party ad tag tracking is available on Facebook

On all ads with partially black, white, or transparent backgrounds, you must add a visible border of contrasting color to the majority background color of the creative.


  • Medically sensitive campaigns: These campaigns contain advertisements referencing: a specific medical ailment or condition, treatment program for a specific condition, a facility that serves patients with specific conditions, a medicine or pharmaceutical product that is used for a specific condition, or a graphic or image that could be considered medically sensitive to a potential patient.These campaigns are acceptable.
  • Alcohol: Some campaigns that contain creatives with alcohol are acceptable.
  • Weapons: Some weapons are allowed with restrictions (examples: gun advertisers may not link to pages with ammunition). Examples of allowed content: gun ranges, paintball guns,
  • books/magazines promoting guns/ammunition, swords, knives.
  • Tobacco: Allowed with exchange restrictions.


  • Contain fake hyperlinks
  • Resemble Windows, Unix, or Mac dialog boxes
  • Simulate fake interactivity
  • Contain audio (exception: user initiated)
  • Initiate downloads
  • Be intrusive
  • Contain misleading content

Video Standards

  • Dimensions: 960x720 px and 960x540px
  • Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or higher
  • Video bitrate: 2.0 Mbps or higher
  • Preferred format: mp4 (h.264)
  • Max video file size: 200 MB

HTML5 Standards

  • 250kb or smaller per individual ad and 2MB or smaller for entire rendered ad
  • ZIP File Type — should contain the HTML for the ad as well as any of the other following file types:

— .CSS
— .JS
— .GIF
— .PNG
— .JPG

  • Expandable ads are not supported.
  • Mobile Ad Networks (MoPub) must use target=”_blank” on links due to their limited support for
  • IFrames. See here for further details: https://dev.twitter.com/mopub-demand/marketplace/iframe
  • Zip files can contain up to 50 files
  • Subfolders are not supported
  • Primary file must be named index.html
  • All images used in HTML5 ads must be local images, not referenced images, and should be part of the assets that comprise the ZIP file.
  • HTML5 ads must include:

— <!DOCTYPE html> declaration
— <html> tag
— <body>tag
— Ad format size meta tag within the <head> tag. For example:
— <meta name=”ad.size”content=”width=300,height=250”>

  • All code and assets must be referenced using a relative path to resources included in the .ZIP file. No external references are allowed.

Facebook Video Standards

  • Facebook video Ad size 1,200 x 675
  • Text: 90 characters
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Format: MP4
  • Length: Max 45 minutes

Other Items to Consider


  • Auto-play sound: on/off (Click to play is preferred by publishers)


  • Interstitial: Web page displays before or after expected content
  • InBanner: Video built into a banner ad
  • Instream: Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll